Reasons behind Orange Tongue

If you are suffering from a regular yellow tongue then knowing the reasons behind this orange tongue would help you in finding the right cure to this problem. Basically, there are several reasons which can lead to a yellow tongue and you would find that some of them might need immediate attention. It is important for you to understand that it is a dental condition and can be due to several underlying problems. We would be exploring the major reasons here and would be highlighting the problems that can be associated with yellow tongue. Further, it is important for you to know the right measures which would remove the yellow tongue coating and some interesting measures are mentioned here for your benefit.

What Leads to a Coated Tongue?

A coated tongue can be a reason behind your bad breath and ugly dental appearance and it is important that you know what leads to a coated tongue. Generally, the coating is yellow/orange or white in color and it is the result of bacterial activity inside your mouth. Our mouth has some bacteria which function for breaking the food and protein which goes through our body system. The presence of these bacteria in our mouth is quite important for the proper breaking of proteins. However, due to the action of these bacteria, sulfur production goes towards the higher side. The sulfur that is produced here is the main reason behind bad breath and the activity of the bacteria leads to the deposition of a mucus layer on the tongue. This layer is high in proteins and is responsible for the yellow tongue in people. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that the deposition of such high protein layer is regularly removed from your tongue.

Orange Tongue Treatment

There are several steps of the treatment and you would find that the right treatment would depend upon the major reason behind the yellow tongue. In simplest cases, it can easily be cared for through the means of regular tongue scraping and cleaning. This would remove the dead cells in the region and would ensure that your tongue remains clean. Getting rid of a yellow tongue is extremely important if you wish to have a fresh breath and a good oral hygiene.